Walking along the beach...

...steps from the water’s edge at Assateague, I saw a plastic toy bucket and shovel. Farther ahead, I came upon someone’s empty Gatorade bottle. A bit later, I found a full plastic jug of motor oil. Each of these had been left for the tide to take.

Waves breaking onto beach at Assateague Seashore

That’s what the Chesapeake Bay is up against: unintentional damage from all of us who think we are just going about our lives. But we’re leaving behind more than footprints in the sand. We’re harming the watershed and the bay.

Pollutants that get into the watershed flow unfiltered into the bay: chemicals like nitrogen from fertilizer, oil and other runoff from impervious surfaces, plus a lot of plastic trash.

I was shocked into action. Now, I volunteer on the board of Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake. And I invite you to join me in supporting IPC as a monthly donor.

  • IPC is working with hundreds of faith communities from many religious traditions to help them make their own properties more eco-friendly.

  • IPC also empowers them with knowledge to help them engage with neighbors, stakeholders, and policy makers.

Our actions today shape our tomorrows. Let’s work together to heal vital ecosystems and protect this beautiful corner of Creation.

You can help! Visit Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake now to discover how. Questions? Just email me: mark-at-pickupyourplastic-dot-org.

— Mark Wright

(More about me: onemoremarkwright.com.)

Photo: Assateague National Seashore by Mark Wright

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